I think the new website is quite an improvement -the pictures are much better. Good luck to you and your daughter. 

John - Australia - March 2010 - 2-Aug-2016

Hello Cyril, My personal opinion is that your web site is very good, the pictures are good (maybe not totally brilliant, but I like it this way, the pictures show how the specimen is) and at the end the final countdown is always when people are unwrapping parcels so to speak, if the pictures are good and reflects the reality how on your site, people will buy again, like I do. 

I made the experience with such brilliant photos that especially a lot of such collectors/dealers went on my personal black list, one time purchase and never again. 

You have always some unusual specimens which are difficult to obtain here in Germany.

Great, please continue!!! Best regards from Germany 

Peter - Germany - March 2010 - 2-Aug-2016

I have bought 11 mineral and crystal specimens from the CK website since finding it a year ago. I would like to commend CK Minerals for the range and top quality they consistently provide. I am delighted with every piece I have bought from CK Minerals, and they are very honest, good people who run their business with integrity. The photos and descriptions are great, but it's not really possible to convey the true beauty of a crystal in a two dimensional photograph.....when they arrive in the mail they are always so much better! Thankyou CK MInerals :) 

Melissa - Australia - Jan 2011 - 2-Aug-2016

Hi Katherine and Cyril! The parcel with the Turquoise from Iron Monarch mine arrived safe and sound, and I thought you would be glad to know that I’m very happy with it; it’s really a great piece! A well balanced specimen and remarkably with minimal damage! And that also goes for the first specimen I bought, the Hentschelite! You got yourself a new happy customer!) - Thank you!

Joćo - Portugal - April 2012 - 2-Aug-2016

Dear Katherine and Cyril, It has been a pleasure to do business with you.In a collection of almost 500 items, this Opal- hyalite is my first australian fluorescent stone! Hurray for australian post , only 8 days to travel halfway around the world!  Regarding the opal , it is way better to see it in person , the icing coverage is wonderful and the uv response has a very good level! Thanks a lot and best regards from little, little France. 

Yves - France - April 2012 - 2-Aug-2016

I bought 6 minerals from CK Minerals after stumbling across the website for the first time and I must say the minerals are top notch for their prices, great quality! Keep up the good work, I will be keeping a good eye on your future specimens for sale.

Martin - Australia - Jan 2014 - 2-Aug-2016

My second purchase, like the first, has been accurately portrayed in your photographs. The items were carefully wrapped for postage. Postage to NZ was reasonable and fast. Overall I am more than happy to view your monthly updates and even happier to make repeat purchases. Keep up the good work. Best regards.

Trudie - New Zealand - July 2014 - 2-Aug-2016

The four specimens arrived today in good condition. I am very happy with them. They are fabulous specimens. Many thanks, and all the best for Christmas. 


Ken - Australia - Dec 2014 - 2-Aug-2016

Hello Cyril, Thank you very much for getting back to me and offering an alternative. I am always so happy with the minerals I receive from you. Thank you for the good service and great minerals. Kind Regards

Danika - Australia - Dec 2014 - 2-Aug-2016

Dear Cyril, I received your parcel. BEAUTIFUL pieces! Thank you very much for your efforts finding some pieces for me! I appreciate it very much. Warmest Regards

Alberto - Italy - Jan 2015 - 19-Jul-2016
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